Product Review: Tony Moly Lip balm

I’m a fan of super cute things. Perhaps because I am pretty cute?

No one excels quite as great at the cute package game as Korean Beauty brands. At first, I thought it was it seemed pretty gimmicky. However, I have a hard time resisting cute things, so I still ended up buying a few things over time. Most of which weren’t too expensive, so why not give it a try? I’m glad I gave most of these products a chance because they are quite excellent!

Most recently, I had gotten these two lip balms from the brand Tony Moly.


First, the cherry tomato lip balm that has the very faint smell of an actual cherry tomato. The lip balm itself looks like an actual cherry tomato, it’s uncanny! The site claims it has real berry extracts and promises to make your lips soft, plump and keep them protected. Well, I’m not sure about the plumping action, but it has definitely improved my lips. I slather some of this stuff on as I prep my skin and it keeps my lips moisturized. As someone who wears lots of liquid matte lipstick, I can say it’s doing its job there.

I will say, the only thing I am not a fan of with that sort of packaging, is how you have to dig in to get the product. But it’s better qualities makes it stand to me. (And I really can’t get over how cute it is.)

The banana! Now, I should say I am biased when it comes to bananas. I am severely allergic and I love anything that reminds me of what I can no longer have!
The website says it has “banana extract, coconut oil, milk protein extract, and Ceramide 3.” Given, I will say I sorta grabbed it without thinking it through and slathered it immediately on my mouth. I don’t advise this if you have an allergy, I apparently like to live dangerously (or stupidly.) Luckily, no reactions happened! (I can’t promise the same will be for you, please don’t do what I did if you do have a similar allergy.) Unlike the tomato balm, this is a bit thicker. I’ve been using it for night time, before bed and I wake up with pretty soft, hydrated lips.

So what are my feelings about both of them? They are super cute and they work well... that said... Both come in at $10 and have about .24/.34oz respectively.  While I think there’s plenty of good, more affordable lip balms, the packaging and effectiveness can be worthy if you like to have good products that also look aesthetically pleasing.  I, like to have cute things on my table, that my cats will ultimately knock off. 


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Lush Unboxing Ft. The Kitchen

I am hopelessly devoted addicted to Lush Cosmetics.

For those unfamiliar with Lush, they are a privately owned cosmetic company that started in 1995 in Poole England.  They make fancy AF body ethically sourced beauty and bath products. A big mission of theirs is to make the world a bit nicer for us all while making us feel better about ourselves.

I’ve been a fan of theirs for many years, but It’s probably in the last four to three years I became even more so. Being chronically ill, I’ve found the combination of aromatherapy and bathing extremely helpful to manage. Nothing like a pleasant shower to wash away the day’s stress.

As a result, I invest a lot of money in this upkeep. While for most of my years obsessing with Lush, I’ve stayed on their North American site. Which offers a bit of a different variety than the UK one. But this past year, I fell down the rabbit hole and decided to order from super special “Lush Kitchen”. You see, the Lush Kitchen releases limited edition items, previously discontinued items. And I am a moth to a flame in these sort of situations. So, I’ve ordered a good amount from the Kitchen.

This week, I had received:
Grass shampoo bar 
Aura Suavis  shower gel 
Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel 
Crème de Menthe 

Let’s go down the list of each product.

Grass shampoo bar
As the name implies, it is a shampoo bar, yes. Shampoo in bar form. Which makes it easier to travel with and tends to go a long way. I generally use two different shampoos at any given time and usually one of those two is a Lush one.

Grass is my favorite scent, ever. Out of all of Lush’s unique scent families, it is my favorite. It fights that place with Dirty, which is my go-to body wash. Unfortunately, it is not a scent they carry anymore, so when I saw this Grass scented shampoo bar, I knew I had to go for it. I’m so glad I did. It’s not overwhelmingly green like say Herbalism, but really like laying in the grass on a nice sunny day. One of these days, the Kitchen will bring back Grass body wash and I will be the happiest person, ever.

Aura Suavis shower gel

I picked this beauty up because it is a coveted Lushie item that I had been wanting to try. To me, it’s sort of like a perfect mix of Dirty Springwash and The Comforter scents. It’s not saccharine like Comforter is to me, but gentler. Still, has a bit of sweetness but it’s more laid back. Fresh like Dirty Springwash, which is unsurprising, since both contain spearmint notes. It has this uplifting quality that I greatly enjoy and nice for just being mindful in the moment.

Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel

(Not to be confused for “yummy mummy”) 
I grabbed this one on a whim. I like strawberries and this one’s main note was strawberry. It’s a bit sweet, which is not my favorite. But it’s still quite nice. It’s a very pleasant summery sweet scent, which I can get with.

Crème de menthe Mouthwash Tab

Okay, so I have a childlike glee from Lush’s dental hygiene! They have all these interesting and unique products, like the tooth powder or toothy tabs. I love the toothy tabs for when I travel, so I decided to grab this to try out. These, unlike “toothpaste” is actually a little mouthwash tablet! Like a mini bath bomb in your mouth, I love it. I love the Crème De Menthe flavor. It’s minty, which I enjoy. So I had lots of fun with this one. I look foward to giving it a better review once I’ve gotten to use it more. Thankfully though, this was just brought to the US stores this month.



More coming soon!

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